Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Now that the snow is gone, we are starting and repairing sprinkler systems daily and would love to take care of yours too!

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Friday, April 7, 2017

What Can I Do To Prepare My Lawn For Summer?

Spring is coming even though it may not feel like it quite yet!  
As the snow begins to melt, it is a good time to idea to rake your lawn.  Thatch is the build up of grass clippings and other material on your grass and the top of the soil.  It isn't necessarily a bad thing until it becomes too thick.  Generally, if the thatch is a half an inch or more, it will need to be raked.  If it it less, you can wait until fall to do a deep raking because a light thatch can actually be good for your lawn by holding in excess moisture.  However, this excess moisture is also what can lead to problems such as mold.  When you are checking your lawn's thatch, it is also a great time to check for areas of mold which will most likely be found in low-sun areas.  If your thatch looks okay, but you have areas of mold, it is a good idea to rake those areas to allow more airflow.
We hope you have found this tip helpful!

It's That Time Again! Early-Buy Sprinkler Postcards Are Out!

Each spring we send our customers postcards offering them our Preferred Customer Early-Buy Discount!  If you didn't receive your postcard, please let me know!  I would be happy to resend it or provide you with the pertinent information, so you can take advantage of these sprinkler savings!

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