We will perform a thorough check of your system.
Perform a visual inspection for any obvious signs of damage
Reattach any aspect of the system that was detached during the fall
Check that all the valves are openConnect the water source
Carefully fill up the system with water
Pressurize the system by sealing off all valves and the drain
Check each station’s operation and analyze the overall functionality
Make adjustments and repairs as necessary
Set your sprinkler controller to water appropriately for the season
Make suggestions for optimal performance
Answer any questions you may have about your system

Troubleshooting and Repairs
Over the winter, various things can happen resulting in needed adjustments and repairs.  We will be able to check your system for:
Broken sprinkler heads
Blocked sprinkler heads
Clogged nozzles
Broken valves
Mixed spray zones
Ineffective nozzle/spray patterns
Improper water pressure
Lack of head-to-head coverage
and more!

Without a Stay Green Sprinklers technician  checking your irrigation system, you may run into problems.
We will do it the right way, the first time, so you are able to spend your summer having fun instead of dealing with your automatic irrigation system! 
There is also still time to take advantage of our Early-Buy Discounts for the season!  
Call or email us today to schedule your spring sprinkler start-up today!