Monday, May 25, 2015

Should I fertilize my lawn before starting my sprinklers?

Every year I get panicked phone calls from people about lawn fertilizer applications and sprinkler operation. They are panicked usually because their lawn fertilization company has just left and advised them to run their sprinklers at a specific time after the application; HOWEVER, they haven't had their sprinkler system started for the season yet!
Because it is very difficult to get on a schedule within that small of a time frame, I always advise my customers to be sure their sprinkler system is operational BEFORE your lawn fertilizer appointment.
SO, the answer to this question:
 Should I have my sprinkler system started before my first fertilizer and weed control application?
Even if you know how to start your own sprinkler system, ALWAYS get it operational BEFORE you schedule your first lawn fertilization and weed control application.  
 Waiting until the day before or the day of your first treatment to turn your system on may result in finding out that something is broken and has to be repaired before you are able to run your system!

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